December '10 Sun Palace plays at the West Windsor Arts Center, Princeton, NJ, Dec. 18th at 8PM. (Andriette, John Rokosny, Tony Geballe, Mark Brotter and Kath Green.) Pat Dinizio of the Smithereens will be playing afterwards. Should be a fun holiday night!

August '10 Sun Palace Designed To Fly submitted for the 2010 GRAMMY Awards!

June '10 The song More Than You Might Guess is featured in a new film for the Paul Jackson Fund. Also, the song I'm Designed to Fly will be used to promote the Lupus Foundation of NJ for their annual walk in the fall. Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens will be featured in a new Sun Palace video, along with Andriette, for the song When I Think of You.

John and Andriette attended the annual Children's Health Fund gala, where their fundraising film was shown, and where Joan Baez sang and told stories, and Paul Simon joined her in a duet of The Boxer. Warmth and generosity filled the air!

For those who wish to know what the songs from Designed To Fly sound like, our LISTEN Page has the longest samples of the songs. And, we hear a new Sun Palace record is in the development stages - stay tuned!

Mar. '10 Our Sun Palace album, Designed To Fly is now on Pandora Radio! Check it out!

Jan.'10 Our hearts go out to Haiti, and Wyclef, wishes of love and healing for his country.

Dec. '09 Songs from the new Sun Palace CD, Designed To Fly, take flight!
More Than You Might Guess was used in a TV spot with Wyclef Jean for African Television. The release of Dark Eyes was announced on the Bob Dylan fansite (ExpectingRain) and immediately became our most popular song on iTunes, only to be overtaken by When I Think of You featuring Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens. Our Bob Dylan cover, Dark Eyes, was added to, where it earned "pick of the month". Andriette sang in an 8-strong, a capella choir for "First Songs of the Season", at Gustavus Adolphus Church in NYC, and was thrilled to be among singers of the Metropolitan Opera and City Opera, singing In Dulci Jubilo, Biebl's Ave Maria, and carols, alongside the Greenwich Village Orchestra string quartet. A lovely night.

Nov. '09 Sun Palace Designed to Fly was just added to the WRSU playlist, and the song, I'm Designed To Fly made it's debut on WPRB - Princeton University. Bob Dylan fansite announced our release of the Dylan cover song Dark Eyes. It is also available on iTunes -The Link: John & Andriette had a great time filming Wyclef Jean at Chung King Studios for his foundation.

Oct. '09 Sun Palace is pleased to announce our 3rd CD, Designed To Fly.
It’s available at CD Baby, . You can get the hard copies (with artwork by Cat Blair-Timothy) or downloads there. The album is also available at iTunes,

We’re happy to say the reaction to Designed To Fly is enthusiastic – And we’re honored that our talented group of musician friends, from NYC and around the world, helped make it sound so beautiful. (Full list of musicians is on the US Page.)

The core of Sun Palace is Andriette Redmann (singer, writer, keyboards, drum loops, French horn, flute, co-producer) and John Rokosny (mainstay on guitars, co-producer).

Joining Sun Palace this time are: Jerry Marotta, drums, percussion (Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel); Tony Levin, bass (John Lennon, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon); singers incl. Pat Dinizio of the Smithereens on a duet with Andriette on When I Think Of You, and Pierce Turner, Irish singer-songwriter on a duet with Andriette on Would You. Also, Andriette sings a Bob Dylan song, Dark Eyes.

Guest guitarists include Tony Geballe (DGM), Marvin Dykhuis (Tish Hinojosa), Avi Pavlovich, Ian Smit (Monkeyworks).

Designed To Fly feels to us like a celebration – We hope you enjoy it!

Aug. '09 Wish us luck as we await the new CD...Thanks! Meanwhile, we're working on the videos...
July '09
ZAP! POW! BAM! The new Sun Palace CD, Designed To Fly, goes to the presses!
June '09
Andriette sings the background vocal on Pierce Turner's new single, Julie London, which makes its world premiere this month in Ireland.
Bollywood! John and Andriette filmed an event at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC for the new branch of the acting school to be opened in India. David Strasberg (Lee's son and school's leader), and Rahuul Rawail, the revered Bollywood film director, are luminously devoted to the importance of drama training. Plus various Indian press folk and young actors running around made for an entertaining day!
May '09
Sun Palace's new CD, Designed To Fly, is soooo close! Andriette and John attended the Children's Health Fund gala where their fundraising film was shown, and Willie Nelson played with Paul Simon joining in. Generosity abounded for a good cause.
April '09 John and Andriette hit the Motor City and worked with singer Paul Simon, filming him for his charity, the Children's Health Fund. Detroit people were lovely; the kids were beautiful! Best wishes for Motown's recovery.
Sun Palace is working on a new video for When I Think of You, a song from the new album, Designed To Fly, which features a duet with Andriette and Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens.
Feb. '09
John and Andriette enjoyed filming Sudanese former child soldier, "peace rapper" Emmanuel Jal for LitWorld, world literacy project.
Jan. '09
The Would You video, a song fresh off the new record, Designed To Fly, and featuring a duet with Pierce Turner and Andriette, is on YouTube and our Images Page. Lyrics are up on the US page. John had a blast playing lead guitar with the Smithereens, headliners at the New Year's Eve festival in Raleigh, NC... (
Dec. '08
The NY Daily News, in an article about Pierce Turner, mentions Andriette and John for completing their feature film script entitled Three Minute World, and featuring the music of Pierce's album of the same name.
Nov. '08
Pete Johnson of New Jersey channels Jamaican guitar rhythms on Peace, and Gregor Winkel of Germany adds trumpet on Life Bubbling (A New World Everywhere). Meanwhile, Andriette's voice-over, camera work and Sun Palace music were featured on the the Randall's Island Sports Foundation fundraising film produced by John for the Gala event at NYC's Plaza Hotel, attended by Sen. Hillary Clinton, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other luminaries.
Oct. ‘08
John and Andriette spent a week in the Galveston, TX area filming (for CHF) the devastation of Hurricane Ike, and interviewing the nice people who have sadly lost their homes; we wish them well.
July ‘08 Mixes, fixes and visits to the Jersey Shore to catch a wave -Then jumps to the other coast, the Malibu Shore - To film folks for the Ronald McDonald House Charity: singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, Cindy Crawford, Billy Bush, and Dayanara Torres. And, oh my! Earthquake!! 5.4! Sun Palace's first one, and Andriette bows to the forces of nature, and feels, surprisingly: elated!
June ‘08 Avi Pavlovich records a lovely Brazilian guitar part on When I Think of You. The Sun Palace team is very pleased!
May ‘08 Andriette and John film a Beach Cleanup for the Surfriders Foundation at Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk, NY, with musical artist, G Love, for a national news story.
April ‘08 Andriette records French horn parts on several new songs. John & Ron look on in amazement.
March ‘08 Andriette sings the backing vocal on Pierce Turner's cool, new song, Julie London.
Feb. ‘08 Sun Palace is recording their 3rd CD, at Jersville Studios in Woodstock, NY, with Jerry Marotta on drums and Tony Levin on bass, with engineer Roman Klun, and at Atlantic West Studios in Brooklyn, with engineer Ron Shaffer. Pat Dinizio, lead singer of the Smithereens, sang a duet with Andriette on the song, When I Think Of You, smiles at Kurt Reil's House of Vibes in Highland Park, NJ.
Jan./Feb. ‘08 Andriette played a scientist/Lady Aurora and sang ethereal melodies in a new play, In Bocca Alla Lupa by Pennylynn White, a cosmos-filled dramedy about light vs. dark, scientists living in a parallel world with medieval castle people - spooky, Scottish myth with a touch of Star Trek - Was a fun, full house every night at the Access Theater, 380 Broadway, NYC.
Dec. ‘07 Andriette sang and played keyboards on several songs with Pierce Turner, at Joe's Pub, NYC. Earlier this year, Andriette sang with and arranged a choir for Pierce at his sold-out shows there. (Andriette sings on songs Omagh & Drumsna, on Pierce’s record, The Boy To Be With. Pierce's album, Three Minute World, was voted into Ireland's top 100 albums of all time.)

Best seller: '06, The Give Me a Perfect World CD by Sun Palace has been the best selling record on
Highest rated:
'06, The Sun Palace CD Into Heaven has been the highest rated CD on
Added: '06, Sun Palace’s song Round and Round was added to XM Satellite Radio Ch. 43.
Added: '06, Radio Manager Tasha Jakush has confirmed various radio stations around the country adding Sun Palace’s version of Going to California.
Documentary music: Sun Palace’s music is featured in InsideOut: A Documentary About Women Who Are Imprisoned.
Documentary music: Sun Palace songs Under the Moon and Give Me a Perfect World are being used in a documentary called AmmA, about an orphanage in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami. For more info visit:
Feature Film music:
Sun Palace’s song Into Heaven was used in Indian Fish, a light-hearted film about an immigrant from India coming to America and finding love.
Documentary music: Andriette, and Danny Kelly of Seattle band, Heliotroupe, sang Nancy Griffith’s Trouble in the Fields for a doc about the plight of Midwestern farms, As We Sow.

' 06-'07, Sun Palace’s John and Andriette (New York Music and Video Productions - won two Telly Awards and an Insight Award , for their videos for the Children's Health Fund, headed by singer Paul Simon and Dr. Irwin Redlener. (One of the videos was handpicked by director George Lucas to be shown at the Star Wars III premiere in NYC, '05. Another was screened at the Madison Square Garden Benefit Concert: From the Big Apple to the Big Easy, '05, attended by Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Jimmy Buffett, Neville Brothers, Bette Midler, John Fogerty, Elvis Costello, Cindy Lauper, Lenny Kravitz, Paul Newman, Scarlett Johanssen, Jessica Lange, Ed Bradley and President Clinton.)

In '06, NewYorkMVP produced a fun documentary on “baseball meets music”: 7th Inning Stretch, shown on ESPN, featuring Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens as host and several baseball and musical guest stars, including Bruce Springsteen, Todd Rundgren, Joan Jett and George Thorogood.